Bohling Steel FTP Site

You can upload files to our FTP site or download files from our FTP site by following the instructions below.
1. Make sure you are using Internet Explorer as your browser.
2. Click on
FTP Site button below and enter User Name and Password provided to you by Bohling Steel.
3. Click on
View from Internet Explorer's top menu and then click on Open FTP site in File Explorer.
4. Enter Password again and click on
Log On button.
5. You can then copy or paste files to the
From Bohling Steel or To Bohling Steel folders.
Bohling Steel, Inc. - 3410 Forest Brook Road - Lynchburg, VA 24501 - Office: (434) 385-5175 - Fax: (434)385-5179
Bohling Steel Inc.
dba Cavalier Steel
3410 Forest Brook Road - Lynchburg, VA. 24501 - Office : (434) 385-5175